Is a question that torrent sites like Pirate Bay will be watching keenly as it gets aired in the Court of Justice of the European Union. The issue is whether an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be ordered to block access to a torrent site like Pirate Bay

A “torrent”, or more accurately, a “Bit Torrent”, is software used to distribute files over the Internet very speedily by breaking up files into small bits and sending them from a host of computers simultaneously, each computer only having to send a small amount of the file

As all IP attorneys (if not the entire world!) know, one of the consequences of the World Wide Web is the ease with which people can download movies and e-books via torrent sites without paying. One of the most successful sites which contributes to what effectively is the constant infringement of copyright is Pirate Bay.

Until now, there has been no jurisprudence affording Courts the requisite authority to order ISP’s to block access to such torrent sites , but if the European Court finds otherwise, will that be the end of illegal downloading of books, TV shows, movies, music  and all the nice goodies that people want for free?

We will keep you updated on this matter in the coming weeks as the Court of Justice of the European Union tackles this issue.