Moneyweb v Media24: A Lesson for Journalists

by Anonymous (not verified) / 01 Jun, 2016

In the case of Moneyweb (Pty) Ltd vs Media 24 Ltd and 1 other, which was heard in the Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg, Moneyweb alleged that Media 24 had infringed its copyright in ce

Will Pirates be Brought to Book?

by Brian Wimpey / 20 Nov, 2015

Is a question that torrent sites like Pirate Bay will be watching keenly as it gets aired in the Court of Justice of the European Union.

What is Copyright

by Anonymous (not verified) / 20 Oct, 2015

Copyright is the right to exclude others from copying or making an adaptation of ones copyrighted work.


We advise clients on the important and often technical issues relating to copyright ownership, protection and infringement. Our services include drafting opinions, copyright assignment agreements, license agreements and representing clients in copyright disputes.

What is the Duration of a Copyright?

by Anonymous (not verified) / 29 Jun, 2015

The duration of copyright is literary or musical works or artistic works is for the life of the author and fifty years from the end of the year in which the author dies.